I am a graduate of the University of Miami, Coral Gables Florida with a degree in Business Administration and the University of Alabama School of Law.  Prior to attending Law School, I worked in Banking and Compliance.  I was a commissioned National Bank Examiner and a  commissioned National Trust Examiner with the U. S. Treasury Department, Comptroller of the Currency, Washington D. C. and a Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer for a large bank in New Orleans, La.  Prior to opening my own law firm in 2005, I was Deputy Attorney General for the Alabama Attorney General's Office and a Director, Alabama State Bar.  

How did I get started working with Physicians?  My previous background was primarily in banking compliance, another complex and heavily regulated field.  I initially started working in Health Law and with physicians in particular when a cardiologist asked me to review his employment contract with a hospital.  He then referred his colleagues to me and the rest as you say is history.

I enjoy working with physicians and have a passion for what I do.  I'm honored to be able to support physicians in their careers and in providing health care services. Employers have their attorneys and so should you.  I help you get the salary and benefits you want and avoid being locked into a contract that is against your interests.  

I work with Doctors in Alabama including Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Montgomery, Alabama & across the United States.  I am licensed in Alabama and am able to collaborate with attorneys in other states when necessary to serve clients accepting offers in another state.