Do you have financing options?

Yes, we understand that you may not be able to pay legal fees until after you accept the job and obtain a few pay checks.  

I understand employers don't like physicians to bring attorneys into negotiations. Is that true?

Your potential employer is presenting you a contract that has been drafted by their law firm.  They are protecting their interests and so should you.  It is in your best interests to have an attorney that is representing you.  The vast majority of employers expect you to have your physician employment contract reviewed by an attorney.  If your potential employer resists, consider that a red flag.  It would be best to find out now that you may not be a match for this employer instead of down the road.

Is my potential physicians employee contract standard and not negotiable?

No,  employers negotiate contracts all the time.  There may be clauses they may not negotiate but it's rare that an employer refuses to negotiate any contract terms.

Do I need an attorney?

Definitely, yes.  You should look for an attorney that specializes in physicians employment contracts.  Healthcare law is highly regulated and you need an attorney experienced in this area of law.  Physicians Employments Contracts are complex.  The terms are often hard to understand and there are health care laws that have to be considered.  These contracts are legally binding and signing a contract that is against your best interests could have negative consequences for you and negatively affect your employment relationship.